Volunteer Committees

Volunteer for BWA—Enhance Your Skills and Resume

Move off the sidelines! We have many ideas and projects that go on over the course of the year, and even the smallest amount of assistance helps.

Your assistance has perks, too: like added oomph for your resume, additional skills for your profile, plus the good feeling of helping a worthwhile group that is active in the community. By volunteering you can easily gain salable new skills in management, nonprofit organizations, public relations, writing, editing, or web publishing.

Consider taking on or becoming part of the team for one of these simple but necessary tasks that you see below. We’ll even provide you with any training you may need.

Email Lists Moderator

BWA maintains our email lists at bwa.groups.io. It’s where we share information on job postings, group business, and so on. To subscribe, send an email to public+subscribe@bwa.groups.io.

Job Posting Coordinator

Locates, organizes, edits, then posts job leads to the private job area on the BWA website and posts same to our private e-mail list.

Meeting Notetaker

Takes notes at BWA meetings and provides them to Website Committee for posting to the BWA website.

Membership Committee

Maintains the BWA membership database and answers queries about membership, greets and communicates with new and current members. Sends membership emails and touches base with guests of recent BWA events.

Member Directory

Maintains and updates the listings of BWA members for this Online Directory, formatted in PDF.

Programs Committee

Selects program topics and schedules appropriate presenters over the course of the year for the BWA general meetings.

Public Relations

Promotes BWA to the local business community and announces programs to membership on the mailing list and to external traditional and social media sources.

Volunteer Coordinator

Maintains a database of volunteering members and lists of volunteer positions—both empty and filled—and makes sure their service earns them their discounted membership at renewal time.

Website Committee

Overall administration of the site, content management, search engine optimization, website searches, database, and e-mail address aliases.

Workshop Committee

As part of our community initiative, this committee coordinates workshops that are more extensive than our regular meetings allow. Events under this committee require coordination and planning with both speakers, attendees, and the venue where they will be held.

Volunteer Today to Help BWA

To volunteer for any of these roles, email the Volunteer Coordinator or the appropriate Contact. If you have a suggestion for a volunteer role that is not shown above—or want to help in some other way—please let us know!